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Our Manifesto: to build our future, let's start

We believe that the answers to the World's major challenges can be found in entrepreneurial approaches. We wish to create Products with a positive impact, and to rebuild our Economy to make it more sustainable and responsible

We create ventures with business models that are


The current overcoming of societal and environmental limits makes existing models obsolete.

Designing new models implies abandoning paradigms that are only centered on economic and financial indicators.

And replacing them with a fair balance between wealth creation and social, societal and ecological impacts.



Change requires, above all, a cultural transformation.

Individuals and companies need to reflect on what they are willing to give up.

Research, communication and collective intelligence are key elements to catalyze this change and create a positive dynamic.

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A search for impact is not enough. It is necessary to fit a market need in order to generate profit and make the business sustainable.

Economic growth is a requirement to generate the resources that will allow us to make a difference.

But this growth must be under control and remain within the ecological and social limits of the Planet.

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Technology will play an important role in the transition. However, today we do not have the societal or ecological capabilities to complete some of the advances underway.

The transition to new models will require changing our vision of the technological revolution and adapting its speed to the limits of the World and the collateral social impacts.

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We base our work on the 17 UN SDGs and focus on
12 thematic areas

Health & Well-being

Education & Culture


Responsible Finance

Live Together

Energy transition

Responsible Agriculture

Sustainable Housing

Circular Economy

Access to Employment


Animal Care

Conceive, Catalyze, Create, Change. Four C's, to make sense: our process,
our mantra

UA mantra is a sequence of syllables or sounds whose vibrations and reasoning have the power to change the environment of the person who recites it

However, c4sense does not want to limit itself to incantatory formulas

The c4sense mantra is composed of verbs. Of actions. Act to conceive, catalyze, create. Act to change

This mantra is an iterative process of generating impact, with the daily concern of making sense

  • Conceive

    Generate business ideas that respond to the major challenges of today. Conceive them in a precise but macroscopic way, to try fast, learn fast, and if it should fail, fail fast to start again quickly

  • Catalyze

    Identify and involve stakeholders, listen to their needs or advice, prototype, test, adjust. Ensure the future success and sustainability of what we are going to build. Communicate and unite as many people as possible around the project

  • Create

    Create a solution that truly addresses a proven problem and already has stakeholder buy-in. Work in an agile and sequential manner to deliver impact on a regular basis. Ensure financial and non-financial objectives are met

  • Change

    Act as a change maker and take a position of continuous improvement. Align the transformation and the sense of initiative with reality over time, in a sustainable, long lasting, profitable and impactful way

One drop of water can have a big impact

We want our co-creation projects to have a
positive impact

Not reinventing the wheel

Methodologies, principles, standards, legal frameworks in line with the c4sense Manifesto already exist or are the subject of academic research.
c4sense wishes to appropriate existing frameworks and participate in the search for new models where possible and meaningful.
Change is not necessarily reinventing. It is also about expanding the use of alternative and more virtuous models.

Creating a social impact

Demonstrating a social, responsible and sustainable vision of business and applying the principles of the B-Corp certification, and aiming for certification for all companies in the c4sense ecosystem.
Adopting the principles of the SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) whenever it makes sense and does not destroy financial value.

Valuing extra-financial information

Set, monitor and achieve extra-financial objectives using a methodology for measuring and valuing impact, with the same degree of importance as financial indicators.
Develop a monitoring system and participate in research on new models, particularly in the area of non-financial measurement.

We carry out our projects with ambition, while complying with
our values


As a civilization, we are responsible for repairing and preserving our environment for future generations.
As a company, we are responsible for generating economic growth to achieve this goal within the limits of the Planet and for creating a positive impact on the World through our social and societal mission.

Long-term vision

Today's economy focuses on short-term profits. Today's consumption focuses on immediate satisfaction.
However, change and the creation of sustainable wealth are long-term processes. Sacrificing the ephemeral satisfaction of immediacy for the happiness of lasting results allows us to be part of a virtuous dynamic of fulfillment.

Emboldeness to change

As long as it is presented in theory in articles, change is extremely popular. As soon as it is put into practice, it is much less so.
To be a change agent requires unfailing courage. Saying what others don't want to hear, giving up the ease of habits. To change is to have the strength to stay the course despite the difficulties and to remain faithful to one's convictions.

Humbleness and willingness

Changing the world is becoming a relatively common corporate objective. Almost to the point of losing its sense. Changing the World is a will, which is part of a long term process.
Modesty is essential to the pursuit of this goal. The results will not be disruptive. Taking small steps and doing things on your own scale will help change the World. It is the number of impacts that will change the World, not an isolated impact, no matter how spectacular.


Being humble doesn't mean you can't be ambitious. Objectives must be measured and achievable, but must aim for bold results.
Ambition allows us to challenge ourselves, to inspire, to unite. But it is also a great way to overcome obstacles and to keep a positive energy. Coupled with humility, ambition is not a proud will, but a state of mind that allows us to go further.


Respect the Planet, the environment, Nature and biodiversity. But also respect others and respect ourselves.
We each have our experience, our skills, our beliefs. The addition of strengths and points of view is always beneficial. Living and working in respect and acceptance of each other multiplies the results of collective intelligence.


Say what you do, do what you say. Clearly state from the start what pleases you, as well as what may please you less. Be honest and truthful, in all circumstances.
Transparency is what will create trust. With this trust, the links between the stakeholders will be more solid, more sustainable and more efficient. And the human adventure will be stronger and more rewarding.

Justice and equality

Justice is a fundamental moral value. Everything we do is done fairly, without distinction or discrimination, respecting the law and each other.
Building new models means above all fighting inequality and acting in a fair and balanced way. Our actions must not create winners and losers. They must be beneficial to all, within the natural limits of our environment.
Let's drive change

We are working to make a utopia
a reality

The c4sense ecosystem wishes to demonstrate a social, responsible and sustainable vision of Business by meeting B-Corp requirements, applying SSE principles when possible and creating value, setting and measuring impact objectives, valuing extra-financial information and participating in the research of new models.

With our Studio, we want to prove that it is possible to reinvent a more virtuous capitalism, in which companies create economic value, a positive impact for the World and social equality.

Arnaud Rioche | Founder & CEO

Arnaud Rioche

Founder & CEO

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