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We're building a toolkit for you to simplify entrepreneurship and impact generation. It's
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78% of future Entrepreneurs confess to needing help. Many beautiful creation projects are not launched by hesitation in front of the complexity of the task. We want to simplify your life by providing you with tools, sequenced in time as a process, to help you from A to Z in your entrepreneurial project

The creation of our toolbox responds to
a mission

Tools for Entrepreneurship, from A to Z

Creating, developing and managing a company is a bold and difficult adventure. We seek to
simplify it

Thematic Journeys

Am I cut out to be an Entrepreneur? How do I formalize my idea? Do I have a market-fit? How do I write my business plan? We formalize courses within a complete process of creation and management of a company to help you answer all the important questions, at each step

Everything explained

Within each course, we detail the important milestones step by step and provide you with actionable and didactic advice. We synthesize for you all the documentation that we find relevant on the subject, and we bring our experience on top to put things in perspective

Powerful tools

Within each journey, we identify the relevant tools and explain them in a clear manner. We select the simplest and most effective tools to use to achieve the objectives of the journey

Notion® Templates

To make it easier for you, we formalize all our tools to make templates available to you. We want to use a free and easy to access platform, so we turn to Notion®


Our toolkit will be an integrated part of our ecosystem, and we will use it in our Consulting and Studio activities. Also, you will be able to join our Community and find help or share your results


If you wish to be accompanied in your analysis or in the implementation of your entrepreneurial project, our Consultants can guide you, advise you, challenge you or direct you to the right person


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