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With you, we co-create the companies that will make the

We co-create Startups and Products that create value, and generate a positive impact on the preservation and improvement of the Common Good. We don't aim to be, or to create, the best or the biggest company in the World. But to be and to create profitable and useful companies for the World

Our Impact Startup Studio has
a mission

40 co-creations before 2040

Our co-creation projects respect the following

Make an impact

We place impact above all else. Our co-creation projects must meet a real need while taking into account the limits of the Planet


We co-create Companies and Products that must be profitable and we prove it by self-financing to the maximum, even if it means growing more slowly

Manage growth

Our projects do not aim at hypergrowth, nor an exit in 3 years. We aim for controlled, sustainable growth that generates profits and long-term impact

Staying virtuous

Our revenues allow us to compensate our employees and shareholders at their fair value. But above all, to invest in the development of our impact

Ideation Process

Our Impact Startup Studio develops our

Studio by c4sense hosts a research activity, allowing us to continuously generate ideas to improve our methodologies and processes, but also to look for possible answers to today's major challenges

We welcome with kindness and interest the projects that are proposed to us. We test them, and select those which seem to us to have potential and for which we think we can bring value

We also have some projects in the process of ideation or testing, and we would be happy to entrust them to Entrepreneurs in professional reconversion and in search of a project

Our co-creation projects are a human adventure and a team work that we realize together

  • Explore

    Generate and collect project ideas that address today's major challenges in a profitable way

  • Test

    Challenge these ideas, transform them into projects, identify markets and personae, build an MVP and test it

  • Select

    Select the best ideas and turn them into businesses, setting up a performance measurement

  • Co-create

    Propose to Entrepreneurs in reconversion to join the adventure and to associate themselves with one of our co-founders

We invest in our framework with our

Research in methodological efficiency

Building a toolbox based on Lean, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Impact Business Planning methodologies
Defining hybrid finance/impact management principles
Formalizing document templates, e.g. Impact Business Plan, Impact Executive Summary, etc.

R&D Impact and resolution of major challenges

Generation of product ideas to address the World's major challenges
Persona and market analysis, problem and solution validation, MVP delivery and testing
Impact measurement and selection of projects to co-create
Proposal of projects to Entrepreneurs in reconversion

Research in impact measurement and valuation

Valuation of intangible assets: human capital, data capital, impact capital
Method of valuing the societal, social or ecological impact and method of measurement over time
Collaboration with major academic centers

We co-create the companies of tomorrow
with you

Let's discuss

Do you have a project to create an impact business? You want to mentor or invest in one of our projects? Are you in the process of professional transition and would like to join an impact project?

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