Shift your career as an Entrepreneur

15 million French people are potential entrepreneurs

10 million would like to switch but do not yet have a plan or a project or an idea

The data are stable since 2000

Only 31% of potential French entrepreneurs have a real entrepreneurial project, or 4.6 million

In the end, approximately 780,000 companies are created each year in France

Take advantage from a ecosystem that helps you set up
                     your business

78% of future entrepreneurs confess to needing help

Many beautiful projects of creation do not see the day by hesitation in front of the complexity of the task

Financial risks, cumbersome procedures, fear of failure, lack of information, financing and lack of knowledge of methods are the main obstacles

31% of future entrepreneurs also need financing, 21% need a network and 20% need coaching


  • Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations?
  • You have an impact project and wish to be accompanied or co-build it with us?
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 We help you build a product that is impactful, transformative, profitable and respectful of the common good



Generate and collect project ideas that address today's major challenges in a cost-effective manner


Challenge these ideas, transform them into projects, identify markets and personae, build an MVP and test it


Select the best ideas and turn them into business by implementing performance measurement


Propose to entrepreneurs in reconversion to join the adventure and to associate themselves with one of our co-creators


Methodologies and tools to create an impactful product

Search for methodological efficiency

  • Construction of a toolbox based on the following methodologies: Lean, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Impact Business Planning
  • Definition of hybrid finance/impact management principles
  • Formalization of document templates, e.g. Business Plan Impact, Executive Summary Impact, etc.
Find solutions to today's challenges

R&D Impact and resolution of major challenges

  • Generation of product ideas addressing the major challenges of the world today
  • Persona and market analysis, problem and solution validation, MVP delivery and testing
  • Impact measurement and selection of projects to be incubated
  • Proposal of projects to entrepreneurs in reconversion
Research in Measure and Valuation

Research in impact measurement and valuation

  • Valuation of intangible assets: human capital, data capital, impact capital
  • Method of valuing the societal, social or ecological impact and method of measurement over time
  • Collaboration with major academic centers


Create products that generate a positive impact


Generate ideas, validate them and make your MVP, acquire resources and skills, build your offer and get started

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Develop your business and scale  up


Develop your product, grow, set and execute your strategy, generate impact and scale

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Optimize your leadership team with no equity


Go Business As Usual, manage growth and grow your management team easily and without equity

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