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Get the best of your leadership role by being supported by a
Sparring Partner

We help Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders clarify their vision, challenge their strategy and become aware of difficulties that are not necessarily reported by their teams

We support Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and bring them the benefit of our

Overcoming Loneliness

Especially in the early stages of a Company's life, Founders can feel lonely.

This can lead to a lack of perspective, demotivation, bad decisions or weaknesses in execution.

We offer you a Sparring Partner, expert in creating and running a Company, who can mentor you, challenge you and advise you in the operational execution of your project.

High Five

(re) Taking the high road

Managers of startups and SMEs have to make important decisions and face high stakes every day.

An executive needs feedback, challenge, and the opportunity to test his ideas. Sometimes you need outside help to get your head out of the game and get back on track.

Our Sparring Partners are experienced Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders who can put themselves in your shoes and challenge you in your decision making.

Sparring Partner and young Entrepreneur
Process = Success

Our Sparring Partner missions follow a

Our Personality Fit and sourcing phases usually last between 5 and 15 days. In order to ensure the compatibility of personalities, we use the MBTI test

We define with you the necessary plan and budget and we invoice our Sparring Partner services either on a fixed price or on a daily rate basis

Regular follow-up meetings are held with you and c4sense's Management

Our Sparring Partners have experience in Entrepreneurship and are recognized for their skills, their empathy and their benevolence. We attach great importance to the establishment of a relationship of trust, without judgment

  • Discovery

    We do a free 2-hour workshop with you to understand your expectations and your context, in order to find together the best solution

  • Personality Fit & Sourcing

    We look for among our Experts the one who will have the best adequacy between your expectations and your personality so that trust can be established quickly

  • Start up

    We define the most relevant mode of intervention, the frequency of the sessions and we set up the mission for the duration that suits you

  • Regular Follow-up

    The c4sense Management team monitors our Sparring Partner missions and meets with you regularly to review and, if necessary, fine-tune the solution

  • Closing & Review

    At the end of the mission, we formalize with you the assessment and the next steps if needed

To help you in your role as a Manager, we offer you a Partner of

An outside look

This allows us to remain neutral, dispassionate and to keep the necessary height to see the subjects as they are, in order to propose effective decisions


Our Sparring Partners all have experience as Entrepreneurs and Executives. They know how to put themselves in your shoes, understand you and help you as if it were for them


Building a relationship of trust is the cornerstone of a Sparring Partner assignment. We conduct transparent and honest discussions


We are not here to judge. We look at the facts with calmness, impartiality and benevolence. We challenge, but with a view to finding a solution together

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