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Secure the achievement of your objectives with a
Flash Diagnostic

In 3 to 6 weeks, we allow you to make a realistic and non-judgmental assessment, and we help you build a pragmatic roadmap to achieve your strategic goals or solve your problems

We offer you quick and actionable solutions to reach
your goals

Preparing to raise funds

In addition to the Pitch Deck, the Business Plan and the estimate of the Company's valuation, Investors seek reassurance as to the organization's ability to achieve its objectives.

Is the organization chart relevant? Is the product strategy appropriate and realistic? Do the processes in place allow for proper execution?

In one month, we help you answer these questions, formalize the assessment and the remediation plan to set up your due diligence process for success.

Financial Meeting

Securing an investment

Once an opportunity has been identified and the Letter of Intent has been accepted, Investors generally proceed to a Due Diligence."

This is a global audit, often including accounting, financial, legal, social, commercial and strategic issues.

In one month, we perform a high-level review of these topics and conduct an organizational diagnosis to validate that the company is in a condition to execute and deliver its strategic objectives.


Starting a transformation

Startups and SMEs need to have a flexible organization to be reactive to new threats or opportunities.

Sometimes, a problem is identified, but its root cause is not easily identifiable: unhappy customers, Time-to-Market too slow, social problems...

In one month, we diagnose your organization, identify the root causes of the problems and propose an actionable remediation plan.

Sticky Notes Meeting
Process = Success

Our Flash Diagnostic missions follow a

Depending on the topic and the scope covered, our Flash Diagnostic missions generally last between 3 and 6 weeks. They are intended to be as short and intensive as possible.

We generally invoice our Flash Diagnostic missions at a fixed price, the amount of which has been defined between the Discovery and Start-up phases.

During the Start-up phase, we discuss with you the relevant interviews to be conducted and organize our schedule before the kick-off meeting. The mobilization of the stakeholders is key in the respect of the deadlines and the quality of the result.

We have a very process-oriented and fast approach, but we always execute our Flash Diagnostic missions with benevolence, pragmatism and good humor!

  • Discovery

    We do a first free workshop with the Sponsor, to know you better and understand your issues

  • Start-up

    We organize a kick-off meeting and mobilize the people impacted by the mission. We provide a clear schedule for the entire mission

  • Interviews & Research

    We interview the people involved and use our process formalization or problem solving tools. Our meetings are very interactive

  • High-level outcomes

    We make an initial report to the Sponsor and discuss our observations and ideas for an action plan

  • Formalization

    We formalize our conclusions in a simple and powerful way

  • Final Delivery

    We deliver our final diagnosis to the stakeholders, in agreement with the Sponsor

During our Flash Diagnostic missions, we respect
our principles


We definitely prefer action to slides. We strive to offer effective solutions that can be implemented easily and quickly to bring immediate results


We are driven by a strong concern for efficiency and realism. We start from a rational diagnosis to propose adapted and realistic solutions


We take things as they come, even if they may seem difficult to accept. A good diagnosis is based on facts to build an appropriate response


We are not here to judge. We attach great importance to the human aspects and we approach all our missions with empathy and benevolence

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