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Our Studio's mission is to co-create 40 impactful products or startups by 2040. We started in 2020, and we are moving at our own pace, aiming for self-funding and controlled growth

Since 2020, we are working on 4 projects. And this is only the

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PADtrack by Ourio

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Education & Culture

PADtrack is the first professional network dedicated to cultural and audiovisual professions. PADtrack proposes a community allowing technicians and content creators to meet, exchange, collaborate and gain visibility. PADtrack also allows to post and apply to serious and verified job offers and to negotiate directly the contracts of service online.

PADtrack's mission is to provide solutions to cultural professionals so that they have better access to employment, better incomes and can focus on creation and production.

Work in progress

Padtrack | Audiovisual & Culture

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Community by c4sense

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Community by c4sense is a professional social network that brings together Experts, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders with a common goal and shared values, and promotes mutual support between members.

The mission of Community by c4sense is to unite the players of the Impact Economy within a community of exchange and sharing, promoting collaboration and skills sharing.

Work in progress


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Toolkit by c4sense

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ToolKit by c4sense is a training course based on a business creation process formalized by c4sense. From the idea of becoming an Entrepreneur to the daily management of the Company, the steps are explained one by one, as well as all the tools needed to achieve them.

The mission of Toolkit by c4sense is to bring a method and tools to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, at each stage of the Company's life.

Work in progress


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Studio by c4sense

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Studio by c4sense is a Startup Studio whose objective is to bring answers to the great challenges of the World in an entrepreneurial, sustainable and profitable way. We focus on improving social and societal conditions by advocating a Responsible Economy system.

The mission of Studio by c4sense is to co-create 40 impactful products or startups by 2040.


Startup Studio

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2024 Strategy

We are setting up our organization and processes. We expect to accelerate the pace of our co-creations starting
in 2024

Build the foundations

We are building our ecosystem. We are building our toolbox and designing our digital community.
In parallel, we are executing our self-financing strategy by developing our consulting activity, and we are testing our processes in real conditions with the co-creation of PADtrack by Ourio.
We want our Studio to benefit from the contribution of our Toolkit and our Community and offer you the know-how of a federation of Experts.

Controlling the momentum

We want to keep a long-term vision. Thus, we do not want to carry out too many projects at the same time. We want to take the time to work, to self-finance our projects and to validate the impact they can generate in their sector.
We want the support we offer you to be of high quality and our co-creators to be dedicated to your project. Thus, our development will allow us to strengthen our teams and to accelerate our pace from 2024.
We are also working on project ideas, which we will be able to test on a large scale and, depending on the results, propose to employees in retraining who wish to move towards business creation.

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