We're your team

We are Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. And we are
your team

We do not want to be just another Consulting Firm. We want to be the complete Ecosystem of help, support and tailored services for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses.

Our Corporate Project  

We are not Consultants. We are your

We believe that it is neither possible nor efficient to understand the consulting business in the same way for large corporations as for startups or SMEs.

We are first and foremost Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, just like you. We combine our profession with our experience as Consultants to be your efficient and trustworthy Partner, in an Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur relationship.


Like you, we are Entrepreneurs and Executives. We get you!


We don't deliver slides. We deliver implementable solutions


All companies are different. We adapt to your context

Cost effective

We want our interventions to bring you value

We work with you hand in hand

What makes us get up in the morning is
to help you

We diagnose

To achieve a goal, it is important to know the real starting point. To solve a problem, you need to know the root cause. In one month, we diagnose your organization and we build with you a realistic and effective action plan.

Flash Diagnostic

We deliver

For reasons of time, cost, scale or available skills, it is sometimes more efficient to outsource part of your delivery. We mobilize the best Tech, Product or Growth Experts to deliver your projects on time and on budget.

Digital Factory

We drive

To compensate for the departure of a key Manager, for a one-off project such as a fund-raising, a strategic deal, a transformation or a crisis, or to support growth, the contribution of an Interim Manager is an effective solution. Let's do it, on demand.

Executive as a Service

We team up

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders have to make structuring decisions for themselves and their organization every day. Sometimes, a feeling of loneliness sets in and leaves room for doubt. We are your trusted Strategic Partner, to help you.

Sparring Partner

We work for the architects of today's and tomorrow's economy:

Small Team Meeting


We help you in a pragmatic, operational and tailor-made way, with your return on investment as our objective
Startup Stand-up Meeting


We support you in preparing your fundraising, managing your growth or resolving your difficulties
Woman Entrepreneur


We help you finalize and implement your project and provide you with the tools and mentoring to make it a success
Investment Committee


We perform the strategic or organizational diagnosis of your Startups and we help you to validate your return forecasts
New Start Meeting


We support you in setting up your processes and in mentoring the Startups that you incubate and develop

Large Companies

We support you in the implementation of your digital initiatives, the creation of your Studio or the identification of Startups

Working with us,
you'll get this:


Our goal is not to produce slides full of incantatory recommendations. We want to bring you effective, efficient and implementable solutions


It's not the name of our Company for nothing! In all our recommendations or actions, we make sure that what we do makes sense and serves a purpose


We don't like standing still! We take time to think about what we do, but we prefer to be in motion, to act, to test and to deliver


In the face of difficulties, we prefer to keep an optimistic and quiet attitude, and remain calm in order to find the best possible solutions


We place the Human Being at the center of everything we do. In our work, we attach great importance to the development of transparent, fair, respectful and friendly relationships


We are working seriously on important issues. But we don't want to take ourselves too seriously! In a positive, studious but relaxed way, we do what we love: making things happen

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