Let's give your career a purpose.

The raison d'être of c4sense is to create profitable economic activities that respond to the world's major challenges and generate a positive impact in their field of activity.

Each of the companies in the c4sense ecosystem places its mission and the meaning it pursues at the center of its strategy and decisions. Joining these companies means adhering to this mission and playing a key role in its achievement.

No Business on a dead planet
Let's create, together


Let's be the architects of tomorrow's economy.

c4sense promotes innovation in technologies, processes and business models to build a responsible economy that respects the planet's limits and integrates social and societal dimensions.

Integrating the c4sense ecosystem is to actively participate in the construction of these new models and at its level contribute to change the world. Or at least, to improve it.


Let's take part in a human adventure.

c4sense companies are made up of women and men driven by the same passions, values and objectives to lead an entrepreneurial adventure together.

Diversity, inclusion, cultivation of differences and the addition of skills are the key words. The adventure is a team effort, and everyone has a place in it. The only condition to join the team is to want to be part of it and to contribute fully.

A human adventure
Let's create, together


Let's evolve in a cool and benevolent environment.

The c4sense companies do not wish to convey an apocalyptic image of the world. The situation is certainly serious, but we believe we can remedy it on our own scale by remaining optimistic, cool and in a good mood.

We are working seriously on important issues. But we don't want to take ourselves too seriously! In a positive, friendly, and relaxed way, we do what we love.


You want to join us, for a job, an internship, a co-creation or a project of reconversion towards impact entrepreneurship?

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