Your multidisciplinary C-Level, as a service

50% of SMEs and SMIs want to strengthen their executive management over the past two years

Faced with the difficulties of identifying the right profiles, the use of interim management is increasing

The most sought-after profiles are multidisciplinary: ability to manage several operational teams, mastery of digital aspects, ability to transform

The soft skills, the trust and the possible understanding with the team in place are often put forward and constitute one of the barriers in the recruitment of a C-Level

Your C-Level joining shortly with no equity

Startups often need to add to their senior management team in a hurry

The need does not always require an executive to be on board 100% of the time

Discussions are often long and difficult: fixed/variable salary mix, allocation of equity, implementation of BSPCEs, etc. The recruitment time is often incompatible with the need for reinforcement

The need can also be punctual: preparation of a fund raising, implementation of a social policy, support on an important deal, etc.


  • Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations?
  • Are you considering hiring a C-Level but don't know how to fill it full time or can't conduct salary or equity discussions at this time?
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  We offer you a C-Level, for as long as you need, without equity. As a service.

  Boost your management team without blowing up your fixed costs or upsetting your shareholder structure


Strengthen your leadership team for a critical


Strengthen your management team for a particular event: fundraising, M&A, contract negotiation

Replace at short notice your CFO who resigned yesterday


Replace a member of your management team, interim until your new recruit arrives

Grow your leadership team at your own pace

Scale up

Provide an executive function in a flexible manner, according to your needs, your budget and your schedule


Create products that generate a positive impact


Generate ideas, validate them and make your MVP, acquire resources and skills, build your offer and get started

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Develop your business and scale  up


Develop your product, grow, set and execute your strategy, generate impact and scale

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Optimize your leadership team with no equity


Go Business As Usual, manage growth and grow your management team easily and without equity

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