Focus on your product

57% of business owners work between 10 and 12 hours per day

On average, entrepreneurs spend only 30% of their time working on their product

Entrepreneurs need to focus on their product and their intellectual property. Sometimes, a contribution of external competences is necessary to develop a technology, to challenge a strategy, to improve its cost base, to define a relevant management process or to outsource non-core activities

Get help on marketing and on managing your costs and

64% of the leaders confess to needing help on the administrative aspects

68% of executives admit to neglecting marketing due to lack of skills and time

Communication and development are recognized as essential to growth, but many feel helpless in the face of the digitalization of marketing and customer acquisition

Optimizing the costs and the efficiency of support functions is a topic for 2 out of 3 executives


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  We will bring you solutions with an objective, success criteria, a price, a deliverable and an ROI


Delivery & Impact Factory

Digital Factory

  • Product Delivery
  • Design (UX, UI, Design Thinking)
  • Data
  • IT (POC, Dev, Tests)
  • Growth (SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media)
Consulting for Startups and Small/Medium Companies


  • Strategy (Corporate, Product, Sales)
  • Cost Optimization
  • Process Optimization
  • C/I Ratio Improvement
  • Impact Generation & Valuation
Coaching & Mentoring


  • New Position
  • Soft Skill Acquisition
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal Development
  • Mentoring
  • Miror Relationship
Manage the technological revolution


We also advise and support mid-sized and large companies in their impact projects.

We help you make your transition to impact or drive your projects with a focus on meaning.

Do you want to define a new digital strategy, set up your own startup studio or identify startups with which you could partner?

We're here to help you.


Create products that generate a positive impact


Generate ideas, validate them and make your MVP, acquire resources and skills, build your offer and get started

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Develop your business and scale  up


Develop your product, grow, set and execute your strategy, generate impact and scale

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Optimize your leadership team with no equity


Go Business As Usual, manage growth and grow your management team easily and without equity

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